Thank you for your interest in the Collins Hill Indoor Drumline 2019 season, unfortunately the line has been set. Congratulations to our 2019 cast. Please join us at an upcoming event.

Zachary Highton Bass Drum Collins Hill
Aidan Ishoy Bass Drum Collins Hill
Lainee Kneer Bass Drum Collins Hill
Miles Stout Bass Drum Lanier
Ben Dawson Bass Drum Norcross
Chloe Bryant Cymbals Brookwood
Lindsey Cameron Cymbals Brookwood
Emily Chancellor Cymbals Collins Hill
Gavin Leifheit Cymbals Collins Hill
Jumi Park Cymbals Collins Hill
Jenna Keck Cymbals Lanier
Valerie Booker Front Ensemble Central
Samuel Coelho Front Ensemble Collins Hill
Japheth Hernandez Garcia Front Ensemble Collins Hill
Hairston Hill Front Ensemble Collins Hill
Thomas Koski Front Ensemble Collins Hill
Catherine Lane Front Ensemble Collins Hill
Spencer Van Dyke Front Ensemble Collins Hill
Joseph Yeo Front Ensemble Collins Hill
Maggie Mosley Front Ensemble Mill Creek
Austin Waters Front Ensemble Mill Creek
Wesley Barrett Front Ensemble Norcross
Amber Minnes Front Ensemble Norcross
Christian Brown Snare Collins Hill
Mackenzie Fulford Snare Collins Hill
Jonathan Kneer Snare Collins Hill
Mason Cypert Snare Mill Creek
Avery Kuhl Snare Mill Creek
Malik Key Tenors Archer
Matias Collantes Tenors Norcross
Chance Larson Tenors Norcross