February 23, 2019 Lambert GIPA Show

10:30 Arrive at CH/Assign drivers to students/ dress in pants, shoes and show shirts
11:00 Depart for show site
11:30 Arrive at show site/ Unload/Snack
12:00 Unload equipment/props into the staging area|
12:30 Warm-up
1:13 Get dressed/water
1:23 Walk to ready area
1:33 Arrive at ready area
1:43 “Maestra’s House of Marvel” takes the floor
2:30 Lunch/watch other groups
4:00 Sub sectionals
5:15 Full drumline/ Full front ensemble sectionals
6:00 Water and snack/get in to half uniform
6:30 Warm-up
7:10 Water/ get dressed
7:20 Walk to ready area
7:30 Arrive at ready area
7:40 “Meastra’s House of Marvel” takes the floor
7:50 load equipment/props
8:50 Awards
9:00 Or Immediately following awards. Meet on floor for rides.
9:30 Arrive at CH for unload
10:00 Dismiss