AGENDA – WGI Dayton Trip 2018


WEDNESDAY (April 18th)

11am – Call time (Bring your lunch or eat before we leave)

NOON – Leave Collins Hill High School for Dayton, OH

3:30pm – Pit stop

4:00pm – Back on road

6:30 pm – Dinner Stop (FAST FOOD STOP $)

7:30 pm – Back on the road

10:30pm – Arrive at Payne Recreation Center

11:00pm – Bus/Tractor to hotel SpringHill Suites Dayton South/Miamisburg


Payne Recreation Center, (Dayton, OH)

3800 Main Street

Dayton, OH 45439

SpringHill Suites Dayton South/Miamisburg

417 Springboro Pike, Dayton, Ohio 45449 USA


THURSDAY (April 19th)

AM – Breakfast Provided

AM – Outside Warmup & Rehearsal (May be cool)

10am – 11:30am – GYM TIME


12:30pm – On the road to BB&T ARENA


3:17pm – LOT WARM-UP

4:07pm – TENT WARM-UP

4:40pm – PERFORM

4:50pm – Pack/Eat/Watch Lines/Wait on Results


Prelims Address

500 Louie B Nunn Dr, Newport, KY 41076


FRIDAY (April 20th)

Breakfast Provided


If we advance to the SEMI ROUND then Agenda similar to THURSDAY BUT LIKELY EARLIER in the day


Semi-Finals Address


500 Louie B Nunn Dr, Newport, KY 41076



Possible Scene75 Visit


SATURDAY (April 21th)

Wake up time and leaving time will depend on if we make finals

Option 1: Finals Performance (COULD BE EARLY)

Scholastic Open Performance (Sometime between 9:00am to 11:30am)

Option 2: Lot Time or watch OPEN Finals (Our tickets allow for both)

(Breakfast Provided – Lunch and Dinner on your own $$)

5:00 World Class Finals Begin


Final Location


1801 S. Edwin C. Moses Blvd.

Dayton, OH 45417


SUNDAY (April 22th)

(Breakfast Undecided)

9:00am Leave for CHHS

LUNCH (Bring Your Own – $)

7:00pm Arrive at CHHS





38 Scholastic Open Groups in our Class (THURSDAY)

24 move on to Semifinals (FRIDAY)

15 move on to Finals (SATURDAY)



Wednesday – Dinner $10

Thursday – Dinner $10

Friday – Lunch & Dinner – $20

Saturday – Lunch & Dinner – $20

Sunday – Lunch & Dinner – $20

SCENE75 Outing –  Suggested $20

Estimate for meals and our 1 activity  – $110


Numerous Vendors will be at WGI Locations. If you would like your student to purchase anything please send separate money or inform your student not to spend meal money on souvenirs.



You will be allowed a backpack size item on the bus and ONE SMALLER suitcase for under the bus.


Thing you must bring.

  • BATHROOM Essentials (Shampoo, toothbrush, deodorant,  etc)
  • IMPORTANT: Towel & Washcloth (The rec center does NOT PROVIDE). STUDENT MUST SHOWER.
  • Pillow, Sleeping Bag or blanket equivalent. You may also bring an air mattress (MUST BE TWIN SIZE). I saw these on sale at certain Wal-Mart stores this week for $9.88
  • SHOW SHIRT and clothes for 4 days. DO NOT WEAR your show shirt on WEDNESDAY.  We will wear them as a group one (or 2 if we can wash) of the days in Dayton.
  • Show socks (May want to bring a second pair in case we make finals), BRING THIS TUESDAY and we can put it in your show uniform bag. UNIFORMS will be packed on TUESDAY on the SEMI.
  • Money for meals and money for souvenirs if you are looking to purchase sticks etc (Lot’s of companies will be there)





APR 19

Sunny 74°51° 10% WNW 13 mph

APR 20

Mostly Sunny 75°48° 10% NNW 6 mph

APR 21

Partly Cloudy 73°54° 10% SE 9 mph

APR 22

AM Showers 70°51° 50% SW 10 mph



We have decided to visit Scene75 while in Dayton. Scene75 is the largest entertainment center in the United States, has been recognized as international entertainment industry award winner, and was recognized in 2015 as one of the Top 3 family entertainment centers in North America! This giant indoor entertainment center is 124,000 sq feet of fun and games, for all ages, all year round. Scene75 Dayton features exciting indoor attractions such as: indoor electric go-karts, a two-story laser tag arena, 130+ arcade games, bowling,  the largest inflatable area in Ohio, a restaurant & much more!



We are going to ask each family to donate an item(s) for our trip. We are going to use sign-up genius. These items range from individual snacks for the bus to water to items for our meals. I will have this list up ASAP.



This is Gwinnett County Trip. All GWINNETT COUNTY rules apply!!! Use common sense…if you can’t have it at school you can’t have it on this trip. Should someone break ANY of the GCPS rules we will send your child home through a flight from Dayton at the expense of the parent.



Drumline Moms for the trip will be

Sheila Sandgren – 630.207.1901
Kim Paul – 229.395.2374

Lyn Risher – 770.335.1201


If you cannot reach them you can try

Shannon DeWitt – 404.932.7562



Sure you can watch online LIVE. FLOMARCHING will broadcast LIVE. You can watch every group from EVERY VENUE. I believe the SINGLE MONTH is 29.99. (The 12.50 a month REQUIRES a whole pre purchase) BE SURE TO CANCEL after the weekend because its is a monthly charge. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO WATCH RERUNS, its live only with a 30 minute buffer window. We will post a video of our run sometime in the the weeks afterwards. WE ARE NOT ALLOWED to record or stream at a WGI event.



If you are not already on our parent REMIND101 we need you to join it for our trip. THIS is how we send information while on the trip. We promise after Dayton this list is removed.


You can join by texting

@chindoorp to 404-620-6086



Should your child need medicine on the trip this needs to go through our chaperones listed above. You can bring that medicine to practice on TUESDAY April 17, 2018 OR PARENTS may drop off when we load to leave on April 18, 2018. It MAY NOT GO TO SCHOOL WITH YOUR CHILD ON TUESDAY.  School rules still apply. If you are unable to bring it to us on TUESDAY please call ___TBD____ at the number above to work out a hand off. Student MEDICINE must be in a CLEAR plastic bag with directions (Including morning or night and dosage) in the bag as well as a CONTACT NAME/NUMBER in the event of a question about this medicine. We will bring our medical release forms so if you approve, we can disperse Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, and Tums.



This is an official Gwinnett County approved absence but the students must make up the work. NON-COLLINS HILL: PLEASE ensure your band director has notified your school of the trip. STUDENTS need to ensure they have talked to their teachers.